Why do some organizations bustle with energy, while some lack the engaging environment?

No matter how complex or unexpected are your challenges related to HR, we strive to help you to find answers and make decisions.

We provide comprehensive mix of services and resources to assist you through every step of organization building.

HR Consulting

Define hiring strategy and plan aligned with organization’s business plan. Design on-boarding program to integrate new employees in to the organization so they understand the essence, spirit and culture of the organization.

Develop job descriptions through detailed job analysis and job evaluation. Define reporting structures, workings of teams to help accountability and productivity.

Develop individual policies and procedures as well as entire Employee handbooks, aligned to your organization’s culture and in compliance with legal obligations. We can help you review your current policies and procedures to ensure compliance or develop from start to finish. We can provide customized training on the organization’s policies for both supervisors as well as employees to ensure your workforce understands its roles, responsibilities and expectationsPerformance ManagementDefine goal setting and performance feedback process. We will assist in defining the policy, process design and implementation assistance.

We help you define compensation policy, build nuanced compensation system to help attract talent and retain them. We help interpret the market analysis, develop & implement salary structures, benefits program and create guidelines to help leaders in the decision making regarding fixing compensation of their employees.


We help you design appropriate reports, dashboards to measure various HR initiatives and processes to evaluate their effectiveness. Help assess if every effort is aligned to business goals of the organization.

We help systematically evaluate both the legal compliance and the efficacy of your current Human Resources structure, programs, policies and practices, make recommendations for improvements. We assist with action planning and implementation of any newly-identified programs, practices and/or policies.

We help develop communication avenues between employees and leadership to facilitate understanding of the leadership thought process, resolution of questions and any perceived morale issues.

HR Mentoring

‘Do we allow alcohol in the office?’ , ‘Do we need to fire the employee over inappropriate facebook post?’ ‘Can women employees work late hours?’ , ‘Do we allow employees to get their children to office?’ , ‘Do we ask an employee to seek medical help when we notice he sleeping at the desk?’ ‘How much salary increase we should plan for this year?’

There are new challenges related to managing people at every phase of the organization. Leaders may want to seek a fresh perspective or get an objective view of the situation to help them in making decisions.

  • Act as a sounding board – Based on our in-depth understanding of HR, we can be reliable sounding board for leaders and assist them in the decision making process.
  • Consultation for special/out of the ordinary issues – Organizations experience several situations which affect employees long term. We can help by providing professional advice to manage these situations.
  • One on One Coaching – As a leader you may want to seek feedback on your leadership. We can administer 360-degree feedback to assess leadership style and manage expectations.

In-house Workshops

To make an impact in the market, every organization is focused on increasing productivity.

To be able to achieve high productivity, delegation is one of the most effective process. The teams need to be prepared to support the leaders.

To achieve high productivity, delegation is one of the most effective process. The teams need to be prepared to make delegation possible.

  • Workshop Series for developing new leaders - To help understand managing self, the team, and the organization expectations. The series starts with 360 feedback tool and series of workshops spread across two months including ‘Action Learning Projects (ALP).
  • Goal setting/objective setting
  • Giving feedback
  • Building a diverse and inclusive organization
  • Developing Mindfulness – to develop self-awareness and self-acceptance, to be an authentic leader


Our Approach

Enquire & Envision

We strive to provide a vision of how and what the change will be like and what it will achieve. We use various methods to seek clarity into what you want.


Our goal is to provide solutions that are usable -therefore we like to give our undivided attention to understand your organization, spend time to experiment & finalize the solution.


Each organization is unique and needs systems that work in their context. We develop what you need and not provide used templates. We unlearn what we have done earlier, to learn about you.


Change is a complex process and needs time, therefore we work on a phase-wise service deployment model. This will help you engage, disengage and re-engage with us.

Servicing Models

Retainer Model

We offer flexible retainer packages that suit your organisation’s needs - whether one day a week or one day a month. Minimum duration for ‘retainer’ model is three months.

Short Term Project

We can work with you to deliver a one-time HR project. The duration of the project depends on the project requirement.

Our Services